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 The Last Angel Warrior

Book 1 of the Kalib Andrews Chronicles


Kalib Andrews leads a typical teen life. He loves his job at the local diner, his childhood bestie keeps things lively with his conspiracy theories, and a girl he likes at school may actually be interested in him.

Yet, Kalib is anything but typical. In fact, he has no idea who he really is—a point he would not argue since he knows he’s adopted. But when those he is supposed to trust turn out to want him dead to fulfill an ancient prophecy. He is thrust into a war- a thousand years in the making- and is forced to face his destiny.

Packed full of exhilarating action, suspense, mystery, and magic, this is the first book in an exciting series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Last Angel Warrior is the perfect read for Potter and Jackson Fans.

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