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Acting Reviews

The Mystery of Love and Sex


"John W. Wells III  Charms As Jonny. His soft vocal delivery and modest physicality captures the essence of a boy confused and scared to confront truths. Wells indicates the aging of his character over many years through vocalized confidence reflective of his becoming a professor, which seems right for Jonny."

                                -San Diego Reader

"Wells is charming, beautiful, and in the right place at the right time"

                                 -Carol Davis


"Wells is required to match VanWormer (not compete with her) and this he does very well, through quiet reflections, moments of joy and of hurtfulness. He is courteous and respectful and holds on till the end and his moment of redemption."

                                 -Scene: by Jenni Prisk 


"You will love spending time with these people. Mystery stretches to take human complexity into its open-hearted embrace."
U-T Entertainment 


"Wells, who’s new to town, also does strong work, particularly when the second act allows the formerly pent-up Jonny to blossom into his own identity."

                      -The San Diego Tribune

Sister Act


"The hoods, losers Joey (Spencer Rowe), Pablo (Elijah Reyes) and TJ (John Wells III) do a deliciously dynamite job of showing their lack of finesse in getting women with "Lady in the Long Black Dress"

                                -Don Grigware,


"The absolutely delightful Reyes, Rowe, and Wells give Larry, Mo, and Curly a run for their money as they pursue their nun on a run."

                                 -Steven Stanley,


"Marvelously subtle, delivering gut punches of emotion"

                                -Los Angeles Times


"Refreshing... Thought-provoking"

                                 -Orange County Register


"Chance Theater at its outstanding best"



"Among Eddie’s fellow jarheads, James McHale’s uber-macho Boland and Jonathan Rosario’s eager-to-be devirginized Bernstein get the most stage time, and both are terrific, with Joseph Ott (Gibbs), David Sasik (Stevens), and John Wells III (Fector) filling their Marine boots to perfection in addition to embodying various civilian cameos."



"The "Three B's" are also often joined in glorious vocal harmony by John Wells III (Fector), David Sasik (Stevens), and Joseph Ott (Gibbs). In rousing songs like "Some Kinda Time," "Hey Good Lookin," and "Hometown Hero's Ticker Tape Parade"---arguably three of the show's most entertaining, explosively fun numbers"

                      -Broadway World


"The Chance has pulled out all the stops with their top drawer productions"


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