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The Last Angel Warrior


"The Last Angel Warrior is exciting and fast-paced... an excellent story that teens as well as adults will enjoy and continue thinking about long after they finish reading. John Wells is definitely a gifted storyteller."

                                -Lisa Wroble, Author and Review

"Good plot, characters with depth, and an ending that left me wanting more!"

                                 -Revolutionary Readers


"The whiplash I got when one characters true identity was revealed, would be enough to leave a crater in the earth!"

                                 -Revolutionary Readers 


"This book is WILD! I kind of want book two I really can't wait to continue with this series, and see what happens next. "
-YA It's Lit

"Everyone should read this book. I can't wait for the sequel!!!"

-Amazon Customer


"I think your book will become a best seller! You inspire me!"

                      -Young Reader

The Heir of Ambrose (Coming Soon)
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