John W. Wells III is a San Diego based, author, actor, and producer. But if you asked him, he would just say he's a storyteller. John delights himself in telling stories in multiple forms and across multiple mediums. He discovered his love for the arts at the age of twelve when a family friend invited him to audition for a play. 


But really, it was in his blood. With a father who obtained a degree in Dance and Fine Arts, and a mother holding a degree in English. John was born to tell stories. He attended The Savannah College of Art and Design and received his Bachelors of Arts Degree in Theatre Performance, from California Baptist University. 

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 You may have seen John dawning the stage and screen of both San Diego and Los Angeles, Theatre and Film. However, acting is not his only skill. In 2019, John founded Loud Fridge Theatre Group and produced their debut production, STRAIGHT. Now, Loud Fridge is led by a co-opt of actors who work together to produce top scale productions. 

In fall of 2020, John will be releasing his debut Novel. Kalib Andrews: The Last Angel Warrior. The first installation of the slotted six book series, The Kalib Andrews Chronicles. After working on this book for several years, John is very excited to transition into authorship and explore all the things that the book world has to offer. For more information about John's book series (here) or the theatre company (here), please follow the links to be directed to their individual websites.