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School Visits & Book Signings


John Wells III is an Award-Winning YA Fantasy Author on a mission to weave diverse narratives that reflect the rich tapestry of our world. Specializing in school visits, He leverages his personal journey and the characters in his books to spark a love for reading, instill the importance of goal-setting, and inspire achievement in students. He's had the honor to encourage students across the United States and in international locales like Canada, Scotland, and England. As someone who once struggled to embrace reading, John is thrilled to share his enthusiasm and personal story, hoping to kindle a passion for books among students. ​

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The Kalib Andrews Chronicles is an enthralling YA Fantasy series. Within its pages, readers embark on a captivating journey through a diverse and magical world, encountering fantastical creatures, epic adventures, and characters rich in depth and authenticity. The series, reminiscent of beloved fantasy classics, weaves a narrative that seamlessly blends imagination and relatable themes, making it an engaging and empowering read for audiences of all ages. With a commitment to diversity and a profound message about the transformative power of reading, The Kalib Andrews Chronicles stands as a testament to the author's storytelling prowess and dedication to inspiring a love for literature.


The immersive and interactive nature of John Wells III's presentation has proven to be a versatile and effective tool for enhancing the ELA (English Language Arts) curriculum. Principals and educators have successfully integrated his program in various ways, adapting it to meet the specific needs of their schools. It has been employed to enrich the learning experience for specific classes, entire grade levels, and even as part of comprehensive school-wide reading initiatives.

The flexibility of John Wells III's visits, ensures that it resonates equally well with elementary, middle school, and high school students. Its adaptability allows for tailoring to the unique literary requirements of each school, providing valuable tools for enhancing reading comprehension and fostering inspiration among students. The positive educational impact of this approach has been consistently demonstrated across diverse student bodies.


John Wells III operates on the principle of not charging a fee for his visits. Instead, he offers three program options that enable him to cover the costs associated with travel, room, and board. These options include:



Literary Enrichment Package

The Literary Enrichment Package offers a customized presentation that adds to the narrative, enhancing the ELA (English Language Arts) curriculum by providing valuable tools. This includes a structured introduction to a story's characters, settings, themes, and elements, serving as a scaffold for deeper exploration in classroom instruction. Educators can effortlessly integrate these elements into their lessons, creating an enriched and immersive literary experience for students.


Tailored Readership Initiative

The Tailored Readership Initiative Presents a flexible approach to accommodate schools' uncertainty regarding student interest in reading. With this option, schools only purchase books for students who express a desire to have one.

This allows administrators to tailor their orders precisely to the demand, ensuring that no student is left without the opportunity to engage with John’s enriching literary offerings. Embracing this adaptable solution not only maximizes inclusivity but....


5-Day Book Sale

The 5-Day Book Sale introduces an innovative approach, allowing schools to bring John Wells III to their campus with no upfront costs. Commencing 3-5 days before the visit, the school will circulate a letter (provided by John) to students, parents, and guardians, elucidating the purpose of the visit, details about the books, and the process of purchasing a copy for the signing after the presentation.

Post-visit, the school will orchestrate a book sale, offering students the opportunity to order.... 

Is there a fee for the presentation? 

No, there is no fee for the presentation. John Wells III operates on the principle of not charging a fee for his visits to schools. Instead, schools have the option to choose from program options that involve the purchase of books, allowing John to cover the associated costs such as travel, room, and board.

How long is your presentation? 

The duration of John Wells III's presentation can be tailored to meet the specific needs and schedule of the school. Typically, presentations run for approximately 40 minutes, allowing for an engaging and interactive session with students. However, the length can be adjusted to accommodate the school's preferences and requirements.

Can you accommodate multiple class periods, considering we are an elementary, middle, and high school on the same campus?

Absolutely! John Wells III is flexible and can tailor his schedule to meet the unique needs of elementary, middle, and high school buildings on the same campus. Please reach out to discuss the details, and he will work with you to plan a visit that caters to all grade levels.

Visit Format: Do you stay in one class, or do you prefer a school-wide assembly?

The visit format is flexible to cater to each school's specific preferences and logistical considerations. John Wells III provides two main visit formats:

1. Class-Specific Sessions: Tailored to specific classes, these interactive presentations offer a personalized and focused interaction with John. This format is ideal for a more intimate setting.

2. School-Wide Assembly: For a broader impact, John is available for energetic school-wide assemblies. These dynamic presentations engage and inspire the entire student body, creating a memorable experience.

Schools have the freedom to choose the format that aligns best with their goals and the needs of their students. Whether opting for a more intimate class setting or an energetic school-wide assembly, John's presentations are crafted to deliver an impactful and memorable experience for students.

Are there any interactive parts of the presentation?

Certainly! I prioritize interactivity in my presentations, fostering engagement by involving students in the storytelling process. Opportunities for participation are integrated throughout, and each session concludes with an interactive Q&A. I aim to create a conversational atmosphere during the visit, tailoring the level of interactivity to suit the grade level of the audience.

Several kids came into school with their books in hand, telling me what page they were on. Many teachers expressed a big thank you!

~Monica Mitchell / 3rd Grade Teacher / Harvest Hill Steam Academy

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